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TIFF ’10: Day 6 ~ Peep World

I’ve never ben a big fan of the ‘dysfunctional family’ genre. I think it’s exhausted. What else is left to say? Most films made in this form nowadays tend to play if for laughs.  But Barry Blaustein’s Peep World at least has the sense to get serious some of the time.

I had added this as sort of a filler, based on the casting of Sarah Silverman,  Michael C. Hall, and Rainn Wilson. Now, the director made it a point of praising the actors for stretching themselves outside of their normal boundaries. This was quite disingenuous. Sarah Silverman is dating a guy that looks like one of her buddies on her TV show who is the head of Jews for Jesus. I mean, come on! That’s playing (or more correctly, casting) to type. Likewise Michael C. Hall, who plays a man who cannot communicate with others, especially his wife. Dexter anyone? And he has a deep, dark secret. Ok, so not as deep and dark as his Dexter character, but really.

I can’t really think of a scene that had me laughing out loud (although SS brought a few snickers to my lips). The “hilarious” scene was nothing more than an embarrassingly extended joke about the younger brother who has a premature ejaculation problem, and has an injection to help him over the, uh, hump. Of course the erection won’t go down, and he has to make an appearance on his book tour with a hard-on.


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