In Search of Beethoven ~ UK, 2009i ~ Netflix

In Search of Beethoven is an excellent overview of Beethoven’s life, music, and the changes he wrought in the world of classical music. It has a lot of music, all of it well chosen. The great thing about the music is that it’s presented chronologically. This does two things. It places the music in the context of Beethoven’s personal life, and in the context of the changes in Beethoven’s music.

Talking heads are talking heads, but these particular ones are so impassioned in their comments, that we’re there right along with them.

I knew a lot about Beethoven’s growing and eventual complete deafness. I was not aware however 0f Beethoven’s failure to find love which was one of his great disappointments. There were several interesting tidbits. Not the least of which was the fact that Beethoven was endowed with huge hands which enabled him to write pieces that only he could play correctly. I thought this was funny, and revealing of Beethoven’s huge talent – and ego.

Highly recommended.

This line is from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony:

This kiss is for the whole world


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