Super 8 ~ USA, 2011 ~ DVD

J.J. Abrams has made a name for himself as a television producer, responsible for such series as Lost, Fringe and Person of Interest. He also directed the 2009 Star Trek movie and is in the process of filming the sequel. He directs Super 8 in a manner that has broad, if not overly deep appeal. A younger audience will like this film for the sci-fi and action elements, while the more mature film goer will appreciate the characters that are presented in such a way that you will probably care about them.

A group of youngsters are filming a Super 8 movie when they are witness to a horrific train crash. But (of course) there’s more to the crash than meets the eye. To confirm this, a military unit locks down the area and acts in a highly suspicious and secretive manner. A mysterious alien is involved, and in true Spielberg fashion (he produces) we’ve got misunderstood and betrayed aliens who just want to “go home”.

Although the film was fairly entertaining,  I am always aggravated by the darkness of films like this that mask any glimpses of the alien creature until the end. This does not generate suspense, so I never see the point. The short super 8 film within the film (which runes alongside the closing credits) is nicely done and hits just the right note . Stay tuned for that.


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