1,000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die ~ Tom Moon

Pure Junkie Menace: Alice in Chains ~ Dirt, Released 1992

I own this disc, but I’ve never listened to it until now. After all, I have part or all of 14,822 albums. Gimme a break! You think it’s hard to listen to 1,000 albums before I die? Howzabout nearly 15,000?

So I gave it a shot. Conclusion? This is just not my thing? Most of the cuts did nothing for me. About all I can say is that several cuts had multiple tempos and time changes – the only thing that kept the music from exhibiting an extraordinary sameness. Back in the day there were certain albums that you just had to listen to stoned. You know who you are. Is it possible that this album just has to be experienced with a spike in your vein?

Between “not too bad” and “tolerable”: “Down in a Hole”.


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