Pina ~ (Germany, 2011) ~ In Theaters

This tribute to Pina Bausch, the German choreographer by Wim Wenders is a sublime film. It’s mesmerizing and one of the most exquisitely beautiful films you’re likely to see. If you are not into dance, you will most likely miss out on seeing it, thus robbing yourself of a truly moving experience. Pima Bausch died in 2009, and this is her dancers love poem to her memory.

The personalities of theses dancers are nearly Arbus like: gothic, absurd. Yet the dancers and their dances are reflect a universal quality.

Cry. Laugh….Love

Ecstasy. Grief

Fear. Joy

Sadness. Longing

Dance, dance. Otherwise we are lost.





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2 responses to “Pina ~ (Germany, 2011) ~ In Theaters

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