Julia ~ (France/USA/Mexico, 2008) ~ Netflix

I picked this because it starred Tilda Swinton, whom I adore. Like The Square before it, Julia has a plot and a main character that keeps winding itself deeper and deeper into a hole. Julia is an alcoholic that has reached bottom, having just lost her job. Enter a bi-polar woman at an AA meeting who tells her a tale of a son who she has  not seen in years, a multimillionaire relative who is raising him and her bizarre plot to get him back. What can be believed? Swinton is completely believable  as the alcoholic, aging, party-girl who decides to go along with the bizarre kidnap plot. But when the plot leads her to Mexico, she gets more than she ever bargained for.

As it gets deeper and deeper though, it gets better and better (unlike some films that fall apart at the end). The early parts of the film have some rather sketchy and embarrassing dialogue, lots of shouting. But as the kidnapping gets in full swing, we’re  hooked. It had me at Swinton anyway. Character actor Saul Rubinek appears as well.


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