Sayonara Itsuka ~ (Japan, 2010) ~ Netflix

Get out your handkerchiefs. This ia a world-class tear-jerker. Sometimes it goes over the line, sometimes it’s right to the brink. I tittered a few times, but I was moved at times also. If there is such a thing as a chick flick, this would be  one of those. But there isn’t, right?

Let me say it another way. This is aimed at a very specific audience, and it will click (rhymes with chick) with that audience. The story takes as its starting point the balance between love and career. Yutaka is poised to marry into the family that owns the airline he works for. This would obviously put  him in a position to become head of the company someday. On a corporate merger mission to Bangkok he is seduced by a beautiful, rich divorcee and carries on an affair with her right up until he leaves to marry the woman that is the safe choice.

But he never forgets Toko and thinks of her often. Later in life he finds his dreams have not been fulfilled although he has risen to where he had aimed.

Visually perfect but verges on melodrama too often to have wider appeal.



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2 responses to “Sayonara Itsuka ~ (Japan, 2010) ~ Netflix

  1. Watched the movie (on Netflix) for the fisr time last night. I couldn’t help falling in love with the character of Manaka Touko. She’s beautiful, sassy and full of vigor and life. A classic tear-jerker, it is a must-see for anyone who is “torn between two lovers, feeling like a fool”. One thing I do not understand though… how did she die all of a sudden at the end? But hey… a sad end was needed anyway.

  2. Anonymous

    nice ovie

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