The Double Hour ~ (Italy, 2009) ~ Netflix

This is a film that throws you off so many times, that it’ll leave you dizzy.  In a good way. This is a film that confuses you, but doesn’t  leave you confused. And the ending has just enough of a hint of uncertainty, that neither is it tied up in a neat package. All in all, a satisfying and entertaining film.

It opens up with a woman jumping out of a window at a swank Turin hotel. These are the kinds if things that happen to Sonia we are led to believe. Sonia is the chambermaid in the woman’s suite that she’s cleaning when the exit is made. Next, we’re at a speed dating bar of all things, just to show you that it’s hip and all.

Kseniya Rappoport is the Russian beauty that plays Sonia with a sort of world-weary disengagement. Very well cast for this role, it seemed to me. Filippo Timi is Guido, an ex-cop security guard who lost his wife about three years prior. Sonia and Guido hit it off and well…nature takes its course. When they are out in the country at an estate where Guido has been consulting, the s hits the f. Now it’s really game on.What’s real and what is not? What has really happened and what is just imagination playing tricks.

The director does a good job of meteing out just enough information to make us think that we get it now – until we realize that we still don’t. The title comes from the time signature that takes place once an hour: 01:01, 02:02, and so o up to 23:23. A suspenseful, romantic thriller, with a supernatural element, polished to a high Pokanski hue. This one is great fun.


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