My Week With Marilyn ~ (UK, 2011) ~ DVD

This is not a bad movie by any means, but it’s overhyped in almost every aspect.The acting? Michelle Williams does a fair impersonation of Monroe, but she doesn’t seem to completely inhabit the role as it would be expected she should. Kenneth Branagh chews a little too much scenery for my comfort zone. Eddie Redmayne who played third Assistant Director Colin Clark – the real life Clark who eventually wrote the memoir from which the screenplay was developed – takes up the space of the character and that’s about all.

As we go down the list of actors, the lower we go, the better the performances are. Julia Orm0nd is superb as Vivien Leigh for instance. Emma Watson is a sweet presence as the girl who loses out to Marilyn in her budding romance with Clark. And what can you say about Dame Judy Dench?

Now I shouldn’t penalize My Week With Marilyn because it doesn’t live up to the hype, but it’s hard not to react to the overpraise this film had garnered. Nevertheless, taking a step back I’d say the film is a minor one, which has some things to recommend it. Nothing more.


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