Daddy Longlegs (aka Go Get Some Rosemary ~ (USA, 2009) ~ DVD

This indie film is straight up New York. Lenny is a divorced father of two young boys that he has custody of only two weeks a year. And it seems even that is too much for him. Lenny just doesn’t know how to be a  dad. He tries to be a big brother instead. Sure he’s mostly fun to be around for the kids, but its apparent that even they wonder what he’s going to do next.

His parenting skills reach their nadir, when he cuts up some sleeping pills to knock the kids out so he can go to work. They don’t wake up for several days which causes Lenny some concern, but oddly, not all that much it seemed to me. Actor Ronnie Bronstein is Lenny and he plays him based on a bare script and collaborated with the brother director team (Josh and Benny Safdie), adding his own improvisational twists.

I suspect these kids will grow up fast. There has to be one adult in charge, and since Lenny has none of the skills of adulthood, the kids will probably leave their childhood behind much quicker than they ought to have.

Daddy Longlegs


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