The Dying Gaul ~ (USA, 2005) ~ DVD

We’ve assembled a killer cast. Not necessarily of the big name variety, but names and faces you’ve seen before. Names like Patricia Clarkson, Peter Sarsgaard, and to a lesser extent Campbell Scott. At least to me. Yet it could be argued that Scott out distances Sarsgaard. Clarkson is another matter. Patricia Clarkson is really an underrated actress who has never come up short in anything I’ve seen her in: Cairo Time, The Station Agent,Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Elegy, Easy A, Shutter Island. She’s done some good work, huh?

Here she’s married to a high-powered Hollywood producer who is anxious to buy a script from a screenwriter, who has just lost his gay lover. The screenplay is about the loss, the grief. Campbell Scott’s Jeffrey Tishop just wants to tweak it a teensy bit – by changing the lovers to a heterosexual couple. Wider appeal that way. Sarsgaard’s Robert Sandrich eventually goes for the cash. There’s a good scene showing his trepidation as he sits at this word processor getting ready to do a mass “replace as”. Click!

The plot is cleverly presented – sometimes too clever by half, which can be irritating. Still, it’s an entertaining diversion’


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