Vollman’s Seven Dreams: First Dream (complete)

IV. Freydis Eiriksdottir, or, How the frost came to Vinland the Good

Or, more directly, Freydis Eiriksbastarddottir. That’s what they were called until recent times. And if Freydis was the bastard daughter of Eirik the Red, then Gudrid is her foil, her opposite. Gudrid married the second son of Eirik the Red, Thorstein, (her second marriage). Known as Gudrid the Fair, she was everything that Freydis was not: kind, loving to her husband, she treated people with good intentions, and respect. While Freydis holds to the old ways, Gudrid (like much of Scandinavia around this time has become a Christian. Never have two such strong women been the focus of an historical novel, and WTV gives them both to the reader in full glory. This is the hook for this final and longest section of The Ice-Shirt. These two, and their clashes, are what make this book memorable, raising it a level above just an interesting view of the early Scandinavian explorers (and settlers). [more]


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