Heartbreaker, Ryan Adams

I’ve been into Ryan Adams since I discovered him about 6-7 years ago. He’s really a very fine songwriter, and prolific just doesn’t do him justice. He can crank them out seemingly at will. Heartbreaker, released in 2000 was his first solo album after the breakup of Whiskeytown. And it’s a doozy. [more]



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2 responses to “Heartbreaker, Ryan Adams

  1. I’m a big fan of Ryan Adams as well: I saw him in 2002, maybe ’03, and had no idea who he was. My buddy had an extra ticket and said, don’t worry, you’ll recognize his songs. And I was shocked how much of his music I had heard but never put a name to. This album in particular is a strong one, especially for his first solo album, but my favorite is Rock n Roll. I know that he gets a lot of heat for wearing his influences on his sleeve too much on that one, but hey, when you write a rock album that kills from start to finish like that, I say go for it. Was not a fan of his newest one, as I found it dragging, but I always look forward to new stuff from him.

  2. I kind of lost touch with his output. I’ll need to catch up.

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