Love Crime ~ (France, 2010) ~ Netflix

So if a film has Kristin Scott Thomas in it, what does that mean?. It means it starts out with 3-Stars. I can’t remember if this rule has ever had exceptions to it, but I’ll say not. Just for the sake of argument. The plotting and subplotting is the films own worst enemy.

KST plays a high-powered executive in a multinational corporation, who is casting covetous eyes on heading the American office. Her protegé, whom KST manipulates and plays like a banjo, is played by Ludivine Sagnier who is very good, as is KST, but that goes without saying. There’s a feeble attempt to make a point about women in the workplace who have to be meaner, more conniving and more amoral than the boyz, just to keep up. That’s a bit of a red herring plot-wise though. There’s murder, revenge, double and triple crosses and this all entails a few rather clever plot devices. Some of it reasonable some of it improbable. And it all gets a little old, ultimately.

It started out with 3-Stars and never made it past that.

This was French Director Alain Corneau’s last film, having died in 2010.


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