Gigante ~ (Uruguay, 2009) ~ Netflix

First time filmmaker Adrian Biniez’s feature follows an overnight (and overweight) supermarket security guard. He follows one of the overnight cleaning ladies. This doesn’t happen right away. We get to know him first as a gentle giant who they call “big guy”. Jara is a shy loner who listens to his heavy metal, reads some, does crossword puzzles…then one night as he’s switching the security camera’s view he sees Julia and is a bit smitten. He begins following her outside of work. This sounds creepy, but it really doesn’t come off that way. Julia appears to be as lonely as he. Jara can’t bring himself to approach her, but is very protective, smacking a cabbie who makes obscene remarks as Julia walks by.

There’s little dialogue here, other than patter, so in a sense it’s a very visual film. It’s about watching. Watching is his job, so Jara is used to it, and thinks nothing of watching Julia from afar outside of work. But there are undertones of labor unrest at work, and one day Julia is no longer there, which upsets Jara greatly. She, along with others have been laid off. He goes to find her.

The film can be boiled down to a will he or won’t he? Will he get his courage up? Or will he let this chance slip by for a possibly more meaningful, shared life? The film answers this question, but it’s a secret. A “little” film to be sure, but you could certainly do worse.



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