Vollman’s Seven Dreams: First Dream

We grow up learning our history from a more southern route. Christopher Columbus, launching out of a Castilian port, discovered North America (then there’s the Amerigo Vespucci contingent) on his three voyages, making landfall on various islands in the Caribbean. If there is mention at all, there is sometimes grumbling recognition of “The Vikings” as possible first discoverers: Erik the Red, son Leif and all that lot. WTV takes up the chronicles from the Northern perspective – and he unfolds a fascinating history, a dream history in seven parts (only four of which have been completed).

Who are we? What is our heritage? It may be that our “culture” is Eurocentric, but what of our true selves, what of our motivations? What lies deep, deep within our souls as a people? Our atavistic selves? WTV proposes a new look, a comprehensive and more complete look at our “history” as a people. The chronicles presented here show an inexorable move west, as former kings (reduced to earldom) and their peoples fled before the more powerful, conquering kings, peopling new lands.

West and west again they went, finding water-girt lands whose doubtful existence became sure forever when they waded onto them, as flocks of gulls took wing astonished, screaming and retreating west.

[MORE: Severn Dreams Page]


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