ABBA, Gold

When I started my blog I originally had a Music tab, but it fell into disuse – not that I stopped listening to music by any means – it was just that I listened at work, or running, but not so much at home, so I never felt inspired to write about what I was listening to all that much. Then this book came up on the Amazon Daily Deals, and for $.99 I figured “what the hell”: 1,000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die by Tom Moon. Maybe it’ll keep me alive until I listen to everything in there. Joke!

Two structural rules of the book are that the recordings are “albums” and not songs and that the 1,000 recordings are laid out in alphabetical order by artist. There are a few minor exceptions, but no need to go into that. I have a subscription music service that allows listening and downloading of their entire inventory, which is fairly extensive. As I go through it, I’ll note if I’m listening to a version of what’s in the book, or the exact referenced work. I haven’t yet looked beyond the introduction, so I’ll just play it by ear (get it?). I’m just gonna plow right through with no particular schedule. So let’s get started. is up.

ABBA, Gold Released 1992. [more on the Music page]


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