The Iliad Books 20-24, Homer

Interesting that Zeus seems to indicate that a man’s fate can be challenged. Achilles fate is ordained, yet Zeus calls a council as a reminder of this fact. He fears that Achilles may be filled with such fury that his power cannot be constrained by mere fate, so Zeus calls his gods together and unleashes them all to aid whatever side they so choose. In heaven, this passes for leveling the playing field.

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2 responses to “The Iliad Books 20-24, Homer

  1. I’ve never enjoyed this book as much as I have vicariously through you. Fantastic write-up, as usual!!!

  2. And I’ve never enjoyed reading it as much as I have this time. My first two readings were as “assignments”, and this reading was for understanding which came to me in great waves, and for pleasure which I most certainly received.

    And you know what? Pleasure allows two things: greater understanding and ease of writing about that pleasurable understanding.

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