Septien ~ (USA, 2011) ~ Netflix Stream

As the films begins we are ‘treated’ to some disturbing images. It’s  obvious that someone has issues. This film is variously descried as a comedy (I was not amused), as a mystery-thriller (the mystery is who was a film like this made for?).

Three brothers live on a non-working Tennessee farm (the government pays them to not farm it). Or make that two brothers. The third one has been away for some eighteen years, until one day just shows up. One of the brothers makes cartoon art of an obsessive nature. The oldest brother plays the mother of the other two, scolding, harping on them. The returned prodigal brother was a star athlete in high school, especially on the football field. Whenever he needs some cash he hustles locals to a game of basketball, or a game of tennis. He never loses. The Rawlings boys: Ezra, the matriarch (sic) of the family and the artist know as Amos. The returning brother is Cornelius.  One of their neighbors is a Gomer Pyle like feller who is maybe smarter than he seems.

Then there’s the local plumber. Used to be the local football coach. Football coach? Hey, didn’t football and a football star and a football coach play a prominent role in the drawings of Amos? Yes, they did. Turns out that the plumber nee football coach maybe abused Cornelius? Shades of Penn State’s Jerry Sandusky.

Not really very entertaining or particularly coherent. The point being…the point being. Oh. There was no point. Except the point at which the film mercifully ended.



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2 responses to “Septien ~ (USA, 2011) ~ Netflix Stream

  1. Loved the review! Very funny.

  2. I’m not very judicious in choosing films sometimes!

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