The Young Victoria ~ (UK, 2009) ~ DVD

Queen Victoria came to the throne at the young age of eighteen amidst much moaning and blustering about her immaturity and unpreparedness for the responsibilities of the monarchy. She resisted all this, despite her mother’s and her mother’s advisers’ attempts to dissuade her. Director Jean-Marc Vallée and writer Julian Fellowes have given us an uninspiring and lethargic look at the politics and palace intrigues of young Victoria’s reign, preferring instead to focus on the relationship between the Queen, Prince Albert and Lord Melbourne. Emily  blunt excels as the young queen who is torn, pushed and pulled between Melbourne, Prince Albert, and her mother.

The parts where the focus is personal are interesting. The political and social bits just have no depth and are flatly one-dimensional. All this makes for a very uneven film experience.



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2 responses to “The Young Victoria ~ (UK, 2009) ~ DVD

  1. I watched this once in the hopes that I could show it to one of my classes a week that I was under the weather and you’re right about the history being “flat” at best. It, like most historical films, end up disappointing.

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