Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle ~ (USA, 2004) ~ DVD

Time to clean out my DVD queue. There’s no reason why it should be 100 titles long, and I don’t know how some of them got on the list. And another thing. Netflix seems to not have as many copies of its titles as they used to. If having my top selection bypassed like 5 times in a row (Incendies) is any indication. And not only my top one but my top three as well. That’s why I got this one out of the blue. That and not being selective enough.

You know how when you slide a DVD into your player and it loads up (and after previews), then you see the Main Menu (Play/Scenes/Set-up/etc.)? This one was very clever. It showed the two main characters driving along (shot head on through the windshield) with the selections below. After a few minutes, Kumar says “just press play”. If you don’t there is an extended bit about “what’s taking so long” and other such. This happens to be the highlight of the DVD. You know, the part before it actually starts? It’s all down hill from there. That bit is funny, but certainly  not funny enough to actually rent this turkey. This is a movie made for 13-year olds. Shame on me.


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