1Q84: The Soundtrack (Part III)

Vivaldi’s Concerto in G-Minor, RV 103: The music Aomame hears on the radio before bidding farewell to her apartment and “to the self that had lived [t]here.”

Tengo hasn’t seen his married girlfriend for two weeks when, as he’s listening to music and reading a book, the phone rings. It’s his girlfriend’s husband telling him that he won’t be seeing her again. After the call he can’t get to sleep and pulls down from his shelves the records that she had left there, gazing at the album covers. He puts on “some 1940’s Duke Ellington.” Duke Ellington and his Orchestra (1947).  It’s low volume background music: Three Cent Stomp, I Fell and Broke My Heart, etc. The orchestra on this record included Johnny Hodges and the great Billy Strayhorn. Delores Parker contributes several vocals and kicks off the record with a longing Put Yourself in My Place, Baby, a Hoagy Carmichael classic.

“Drums Keep Pounding Rhythm to the Brain. La-de-da-de-dee…”. Sonny and Cher, The Beat Goes On. This was only referenced in connection to Tengo and Fuka-Eri, not played. But it’s one of those damn songs (“The Beat Goes On”) that if mentioned does just that – pounds itself into my brain. Kinda like Seals and Crofts Summer Breeze. Please don’t ever mention that song in my presence. It has the same effect as mention of “Niagara Falls” does to Moe and Larry. Well, almost………

Mentioned only: A Jeff Beck Japan Tour T-shirt. Listening to The Final Peace which would have been one of the songs played in the December 1980 Japan Tour.

When Tengo is transported in his reveries once again to the 10-year old child he was, as Aomame takes his hand in the classroom, he hears  the school recorder ensemble practising “The Last Rose of Summer”. I listen to the song on the album A New Journey, Celtic Woman.


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