IQ84: The Soundtrack (Part II)

My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…

Matthaus-Passion BWV 244, Le Petite Bande

Pavana Lachrymae, John Dowland from the album A Cleare Day, Kenneth Weiss on harpsichord. Aomame and “the dowager” are listening to the piece, and it’s true: Harpsichord music does seem to transport you back in time, it’s so soothing.

“Often when I listen to this music, I’m struck by mysterious emotions with regard to time…To think that people four hundred years ago were listening to the same music we’re hearing now!”

Haydn Cello Concerto No. 1 in C Major, Yo-yo Ma.

Tengo’s married girlfriend has “a favorite record”: Atlanta Blues is from that record: Louis Armstrong plays W. C. Handy. “Make me a pallet on the floor”, is the subtitle of Atlanta Blues”. “After sex, they would often lie in bed listening to the record”. Louis’ vocals don’t come in until after almost two minutes of fine instrumentals, then Louis shouts out “Take it Barney” as Barney Bigard comes in with his siren clarinet. This was when clarinet was an essential jazz instrument. Next up is “take it Trummy” – Trummy Young on trombone. The album leads off with a long St. Louis Blues, the old standard. Nothing old about this version, though. This 1954 set has some vintage Armstrong  solos and Velma Middleton adds some classy jazz vocals. And on St. Louis Blues, Louis and Velma trade jabs and laughs.”I’m gonna grab me a picket off somebody’s fence” and “whip your head  ’til you get some sense” – not lyrics for this day and age.


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