Stalker ~ (Soviet Union, 1979) ~ DVD

Sometime in the future, The Stalker leads The Scientist and The Writer in The Zone. To find The Room. The Zone is a dangerous place, and travel there is not authorized. Against the objections of his wife, however, The Stalker continues to be  drawn to The Zone, and gets paid for guiding people there to fulfill their hopes and dreams. Such things happen in The Room.

This is sci-fi magic, and haunting in its imagery. The film opens in a brown and white world with a slow tracking shot up to and through a door. The three inhabitants are sleeping, until The Stalker wakes up and dresses. He’s being called to The Zone again. The Stalker leads the other two (Art and Science) along a dangerous and winding path, dodging patrols and bullets, until they finally enter the Zone. At this point the film turns into a colored but post-apocalyptic, post Chernobyl landscape.

Quite a memorable ending as well. The Stalker has returned, and the beginning of the film, is reverse mirrored in the ending: The Stalker undresses and gets back into the same bed as the camera tracks backwards. Then as if this wasn’t enough, the camera moves to The Stalker’s daughter, as she lays her head down an a table and stares at some glasses as she moves them with her eyes. This is a scene that is framed in every respect so perfectly that it’s hard to imagine a more appropriate ending.

Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky.



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2 responses to “Stalker ~ (Soviet Union, 1979) ~ DVD

  1. I’ve never heard of this film. Sounds very interesting, thanks to your review.

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