In A Better World ~ (Denmark, 2010) ~ DVD

I have trouble warming up to the films of  Danish Director Susanne Bier. I’ve tried, I really have. She’s a fine Director, no doubt. But her subject matter of choice just never has grabbed me. Mostly there are tortured souls, family or sibling relationships that people are struggling with. The critics love her. Her latest is a case in point. It won both the Oscar and the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film. For me it was both predictable and hard to believe in. Certainly it was very emotional, and there were some powerfully worthy scenes in it. But the overall effect was to get me squirming.

I’ve said this before: Films of this genre just are not at the top of my list. So there’s a built in personal bias to overcome for my entertainment dollar. This one did not overcome it (neither did Brothers). Loss, conflict, angst ridden souls….


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