The Trip ~ (UK, 2010) ~ DVD

The Trip is a comfortable pair of slippers film, about two friends who go on a road trip together, one of them on assignment for a magazine to review restaurants up-country England. Originally a 6-part BBC series, the two characters are “actors”, playing “themselves”: Steve Coogan has the magazine assignment to write the reviews, Rob Brydon is the married-with-kids actor who he asks to accompany him (since his intended mate had blown him off).

They make the trip: lots of amiable talk, friendly joshing, a series of hotels, a series of up-scale meals (it’s all in the presentation dontcha know), a couple of one nighters for Steve (Rob pines for his family). It all goes down easily, and there is some funny stuff here, snatches of which you may have seen in the adverts: Rob does impressions, and Steve puts his hand in as well. Pacino, Hopkins. But their dueling Michael Caine’s is the hilarious bit.

It’s not until the film ends that we see there was some serious intent happening all along. I enjoyed this one.



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2 responses to “The Trip ~ (UK, 2010) ~ DVD

  1. I wonder if this series is like The Thick of It (UK, 2005). I love English movies and their dry humor! In case you care to see more, I recommend watching the movie called In the Loop, unless you already saw it.

  2. Thanks, I have not seen that and it does look good. . I’ve added it to my Netflix queue

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