Cross Border Adventures

I’m in Toronto after a lousy commute to the airport. Luckily I left waaay ahead of time.  It was commuter traffic and it was absolutely pouring.  After checking in (an uneventful flight) I went to the box office with some trepidation, knowing that there was a problem with my order that I called about as soon as I got my order book, I was told they would get it straightened out. It wasn’t – but luckily it didn’t take all that long to rectify the situation.

Only thing, I couldn’t trade my two vouchers in for  actual films in the same line. I would have had to get back in still another line to do that. I’m afraid that TIFF is becoming less user friendly, which is too bad. I have time in the morning, so I’ll take care of it then.

No films tonight. I have a ticket to the Red Sox-Blue Jays game. What a horrible loss last night. Wow!


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  1. Last night was tragic. Cheer extra hard so it doesn’t happen again!

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