My TIFF film selections (30 in 9)

I’ve made my TIFF film selections. Thirty films in eight days. Call me crazy, and I’ll own up to it!



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4 responses to “My TIFF film selections (30 in 9)

  1. You’re not crazy. I see 50. That’s … ? Have you picked them yet? I’m still working on it.

  2. Wow. Thirty will be my high mark (I’ve been going since ’08), I did make all my selections (and 2d choices). Lucky you, I see you’re a member and can forego all that 2d choice nonsense. Seems to me as well that TIFF has designated a bunch of “Premium” screenings (not available to the unwashed) which I don’t remember from past festivals

  3. Actually anyone can go to the premium movies — it’s a different pass. They’ve always had it — used to be called a gala package. You can also buy them separately as individual tickets. But there’s no point because these films always get distribution. I DID have to make second choices because they have too many members to guarantee you get your first choice — which isn’t what we were promised. I am lucky — I did get all my pics. What about you?

  4. 23 out of thirty, with 5 second choices and 2 vouchers.

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