Limitless ~ (USA, 2011) ~ DVD

Neil Burger’s film Limitless is inventive and original and just plain loads of fun. Russian villains and corporate villains and a would be writer who can’t put a word to the page with a girlfriend who has had it with supporting him. Just in time, Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) runs into his ex-wife’s brother who hands him a pill that expands the mind so that it appears there are ‘limitless’ possibilities. The technical aspects of these sequences are a kick. He’s gotta have more (it wears off after a day) and looks up Vernon (Johnny Whitworth) for more. When Vernon sends Eddie out to pick up his laundry, he comes back to find Vernon’s apartment trashed and him dead. Obviously there’s something going on here. He finds the stash (coincidentally!) that the murderers had been unable to and it yields him quite a supply. His ‘career’ is off and running. He begins to amass a fortune and he’s about to make his big score brokering a huge corporate merger when things get even more interesting.

Robert DeNiro plays the mogul Carl Van Loon (heh-heh) and though a minor role, DeNiro does a good job with this, letting us know he still can draw upon his abilities when inspired. Both Cooper and the brief appearance of Whitworth’s character add to the pleasure. A real pleasant surprise and recommended.




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