Cedar Rapids ~ (USA, 2011) ~ DVD

This is a pretty good cast. There’s  Anne Heche who plays one of the butt slapping boys at an Insurance sales convention. She appears to have enjoyed this role. There’s John C. Reilly who boozes it up with the best of them. He knows what conventions are for: booze and sex. Isiah Whitlock Jr. is the voice of reason, trying to keep Reilly’s character from completely corrupting the innocence of Tim Lippe, played by The Office’s Ed Helms. I say “The Office’s” because therein lies the problem. I’m not a fan of actors who bring their whole character to a completely different role. Maybe this is what the producers wanted Helms to do, but that doesn’t mean I condone this kind of actor typecasting. Still, it’s an ensemble that works.

The film is funny in that manic loud kind of way – a genre I’m not a fan of either. Focus on the performances (at least three of them) and you’ll enjoy the film a little more. Sigourney Weaver! What the hell were you thinking?


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