The Next Three Days ~ (USA, 2010) ~ DVD


Really, this is not a bad caper film. John Brennan (Russell Crowe) teaches literature at a community college.  His wife Lara (Elizabeth Banks) is an office worker. They have a young son whom they adore. At dinner with friends, the discussion turns to women working for women, and when Lara’s boss turns up bludgeoned to death by a fire extinguisher, she’s suddenly arrested and convicted of murder. There seems to be enough evidence to convict her. This all happens very quickly. Really there feels like a rush here to get to the real story which is the caper part.

Time passes quickly, a few years go by, all appeals are exhausted and here’s where the caper part of the film begins. John is determined to break his wife out of prison. Doggedly determined. After a few false stats, he hits upon something that he thinks will work. The plan is carried out, he springs his wife from prison (there is the obligatory chase scene) and….well, I’ll say no more. Except that he leaves a paper trail and some of it is left on purpose, He’s a clever guy. Do they get away with it? Is Lara really guilty or innocent? Will they all live happily ever after?

It’s au uneven film, but has its moments. Not a complete waste of time. Faint praise, I know.


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