Repugs Big Lie: Balanced Budget

With all of the Boehner posturing about balancing the budget, you would think that Republicans have a lock on the concept. Right? Wrong.

Did Tricky Dick (R) balance the budget in 1969? No In 1970? No. In 1971? No. In 1972? No. Did Gerald Ford balance the budget in 1975? No.  Did Ford balance the budget in 1976? No. Did the great communicator, the untouchable icon of the Republican ever, ever, balance the budget in his 8 freakin’ years in office? That would be a GD NO! Let’s us tack on the succeeding 4 years that followed: the regime of George H.W. Bush. Blah-blah, blah, NO! Twelve freaking years of Repug rule. Later, with a Clinton interlude, what about W? Nooo. As we all know (except those that conveniently forget) his 8 years were a financial disaster. In fact, just a disaster all around,

The last REPUBLICAN President to balance a budget was good ‘ole Ike in my salad days of 1956 and 1957. In the years up to the election of Barack Obama did anyone EVER balance a budget? Well, funny you ask.

  • 1969 LBJ Democrat: ($69 Billion surplus)
  • 1998 Bill Clinton Democrat: Announced the first budget SURPLUS in a generation: $70-Billion
  • 1999 Bill Clinton Democrat ($124 Billion surplus)
  • 2000 Bill Clinton Democrat: ($230 Billion surplus)
  • 2001 Bill Clinton Democrat: ($160 Billion surplus)

Let’s look at the intervening budgets between the 4 Clinton surpluses and the Obama administration. These would be the glorious “W” (Republican) years:

  • 2002: $159 Billion DEFICIT
  • 2003: $450 Billion DEFICIT. The highest in history. These two years combined more than wiped out the surpluses of the succeeding 4 years.
  • 2004: $412 Billion DEFICIT
  • 2005: $318.5 Billion DEFICIT
  • 2006: $248 Billion DEFICIT
  • 2007: $161 Billion DEFICIT
  • 2008: $454.8 Billion DEFICIT. Bush. Raising the bar again
  • 2009: $484 Billion DEFICIT. Bush Raising the bar again. The Bush to Obama handoff.

Obama 2010 ?: Estimated $1.48 T-T-T-Trillion. Thanks George.

If he cared about the ff’s (that’s fucking facts), John Boehner would be weeping as the information sunk in. Next time this a-hole has anything to say about the deficit spenders, tell him to check his history.


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