Wasn’t CPO a Star Wars Character? Or, The Shit I Get via E-Mail

Hello ,

This September, a select group of Chief Procurement Officers and other business leaders will come together at the Disney Contemporary Resort for the inaugural event, CPO Rising 2011, an executive symposium brought to you jointly by Ardent Partners and The Institute of Financial Operations.

A “select” group….If I receive this notice then select they ain’t. Coming together at Disney seems about right, too. Doesn’t “CPO Rising” have an apocalyptic ring to it? And “Ardent Partners” sure sounds like a symposium at a soft-porn convention. Does soft-porn still exist?

This exclusive event promises valuable networking opportunities and the interactive exchange of ideas…

Exclusive. Select. Valuable. Nothing like some great networking opportunities, eh? Is there a non-interactive way to exchange ideas?

Attendees can expect to return home with a collection of new and innovative ideas and strategies…

and a collection of shampoos and hair conditioners

case studies and breakout sessions

I’ve always had a fear of breakout sessions. They somehow leave you exposed. Breakout sessions are the essay finals of conventions.



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4 responses to “Wasn’t CPO a Star Wars Character? Or, The Shit I Get via E-Mail

  1. One word: “Unsubscribe”

    They want you to come to their event as much as you want to go to it. You obviously signed up to be on a list with a large member association.

  2. I couldn’t think you are more right

  3. You could not be more factual!

  4. Strikingly well executed article…

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