Vanishing on 7th Street ~ (USA, 2010) ~ Netflix Stream

This is not one of Brad Anderson’s best, but it’s passable. If you were to limit yourself to only one or two, you’re better off with The Machinist or Transsiberian. The hook here is fear off the dark. Something happens, and most everyone has disappeared, leaving only their clothes in a heap. A few people meet up with each other in a bar with a generator in the basement which keeps on cranking the light – at least for a while. When things go dark, there are shadows that…boom! You’re gone and just the duds are left. So keep a light handy is the survival mantra here. There is a mysterious girl who keeps reappearing and survives. Later we learn why, when we catch her sneakers – a pair with the lights that continue to flash. Oh, wow…This is a low budget thriller in the supernatural, post-apocalyptic mode. The film actually seems to have done even less than we might have expected from it’s modest $10-million budget.

A couple of throw away references attempt to raise the script from low-brow to high-brow, but forget it. Are we meant to ponder the vanishing of the Roanoke Colony in the 16th Century? Really! A couple of the characters mumble the philosophical mantra: “I exist” in the movie. This is supposed to keep the darkness at bay. Mostly when we hear this we can say bye-bye to the character, since shortly they will cease to exist. And the more people that cease to exist, the quicker this movie will conclude.


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