Slings & Arrows ~ TV Series Canada, 2003-2006 ~ Netflix Streaming

In preparation for the recent long Memorial Day weekend, I treated myself to a “smart” Blu-Ray DVD player. Not so much for the Blu-Ray, but for the  integration with Netflix and the large number of streaming films. One of the first things I watched was this Canadian tv series which ran for three seasons on Canadian television. All 18 episodes. It had been in my queue like forever. Now I had no excuse. And I’m here to tell you that it was hugely entertaining, with fine ensemble acting witty dialogue, and even winter song-ditties sprinkled in along the way.

The story line is of a struggling (financially) Shakespearean company, well-respected but increasingly losing money and “relevance”. The story of the troupe mirrors the plays of Shakespeare: ghosts, tragedy, love gone awry, ambition run amok, foppery and madness. The company mounts the plays of Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and King Lear. As they do this, we see the troupe in rehearsal and see scenes from the production of the plays. Quite a lot actually, and if you are a Shakespeare lover, this is an absolute must see.

Highly recommended.


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