I Spit on Your Grave ~ (USA, 2010) ~ DVD

Yeah, I watched it. I never saw the original, but I assume that this remake is gorier and more violent than the original was. We’ve ‘matured’  since the original was released in 1978. It’s the same story though. A young woman rents a cabin in order to move her writing project along. After a minor scrape at the local gas station before she gets to the rental, the good ‘ole boys show up. What follows is degradation of all sorts and finally a gang rape in the woods.

But this is all just set up for act II, which is the big reversal. After jumping from a bridge to avoid a shotgun murder, the gang can’t find her body. She finally turns up, first as a terrible vision, but then as an all too real woman out to settle scores. She settles them appropriately for each of her victims as a sort of mirror image of the humiliation and violence perpetrated on her by each of them. Inventive to say the least.

A train wreck. But I expected nothing more.


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