It’s only words

We seem to have a  five month reprieve before the next rapture. Or is that rupture? Spell check will give you both  options. Assuming you know the meaning of both words (and are paying attention) you’ll choose the right one for your purposes. Which brings to mind two recent occurrences of relying on someone (or something else) to check your work for mistakes. The first is (I hope) strictly a spell check error.

There are certain stock phrases which we use in written communications. One is the stiff “regards” closing an e-mail to an outside party. Imagine using “regards” internally. One that is used over and over again internally (intra-company communication) is a closing, “Sorry for the inconvenience”. We’re sorry an awful lot it appears. But be careful. Last week I received an e-mail that closed with “sorry for the incontinence”. Hmmmm. Not as sorry as I am.

You’d think that going to the expense and trouble of having a business card printed up, you’d be extra careful of the words you used. Today after I filled up my gas tank ($3.89), and before I was to pull in to get my car inspected, the attendant hands me a card for his small business: “recycling services”. Free pick up for “all types of metal”, etc. Tv’s and the like. Even batteries. “Death batteries” that is. Wonder what they are used for? Electric chairs? Is it illegal to possess death batteries? Can you bring them on a plane? I’d bet not. I envision men in Hazmat suits coming to pick them up. The services included “basement cleanouts” and “yard cleanouts”. No attics apparently.

Pay attention people!


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