Red White and Blue ~ (USA, 2010) ~ Netflix Stream

You can get a good feel for this Simon Rumley film from the image that greets you at his website. Did you check it out? See what I mean? The genre is slasher thriller, but it is quite different than the run of the mill slasher film. As gruesome as it sometimes is, there is tenderness here in unexpected places.

Erica (Amanda Fuller) is an emotionless soul who keeps a scrapbook of the men she’s slept with. How many? 130 or 140 she says. It’s not easy sex she’s after. Initially I decided it was out of self loathing. She has a history. But Erica has a secret that’s revealed in due course. She befriends – sort of – a reclusive man who lives in her apartment house. He’s as damaged as she is, so they have a connection on a basic level. Him she won’t sleep with. When her life  crosses paths with three members of a garage band, the ground work is layed for a violent clash. Beware of guys who tote around rolls of duct tape drooping from their belt. Probably, they’re up to no good.

The horror and mayhem that ensues is perhaps even more disturbing, set as it is in non-descript middle-class settings. Not for everyone to be sure. You’ll need a strong stomach because the denouement is unrelenting. If you’re a sicko like me, you’ll have to keep yourself in check to avoid rooting to hard for the slasher.


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