Monsters ~ (UK, 2010) ~ DVD-Stream

A standard sci-fi genre is alien life forms being brought to earth, by whatever means, and altering our known world, subtly or radically. Here it’s  six years after a probe with “samples” crashed on earth and mankind is struggling with containment. A huge quarantine zone is set up in Mexico/Central America.

A young photo-journalist is tasked (much to his chagrin) to accompany the daughter of a media mogul out of danger. They just get into more. And fall in love. The thing from outer space looks like a giant squid that hovers and flies through the air. Hokey. But the journey to safety is tension filled and has moments of reflection. I didn’t think much of the actor (Scoot McNairy) playing the photojournalist. His love interest (Whitney Able) was slightly more accomplished.

There is a great scene as the couple comes upon the border with the United States. The camera captures this massive fortress-like wall. Is it to keep the aliens (substitute foreigners) out or the citizens in?



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3 responses to “Monsters ~ (UK, 2010) ~ DVD-Stream

  1. I think I want to see it just to find out what someone named Scott McNairy looks like.

  2. That is, Scoot McNairy. I can’t even blame that one on autocorrect.

  3. Read a quite a few of your reviews, (Gomorrah, A Prophet, Animal Kingdom, 127 Hours) you watch a lot of good films! This is the first one i haven’t quite agreed with you on though. I loved it, I think partly because i’d just got back from travelling in Central America when i saw it, and also because i knew absolutely nothing about it when i went in. If you’re interested

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