Oh, What the Puck

I’m not a hockey fan at all. The last games I can remember watching were some ancient playoffs back in the 70’s, I think it was. I remember the big rivalry at that time (in Boston) was with the Philadelphia Flyers. I’ve heard so much vituperative talk about the ‘hated’ Canadiens recently, and the Bruin fans were frothing at the mouth at the prospects  of meeting in the playoffs. They got their wish. Though the outcome was not what the puck doc ordered.

So I watched virtually the whole game tonight. You have to understand that I do not know hockey in the least. I mean I know the rules and I know the “name of the game is to put the puck in the net”. It’s so oft-repeated that I get that. So when I say that the Canadiens looked much the superior team to me, I’m no expert. But it sure looks to me that the Bruins fans just may be in for a short trip. Again. The shit will hit the fan. I kinda like the sound of shit hitting fan. Especially when Bruins fans are involved.

Boston fans (like most passionate ones I suspect) tend to overestimate their teams talent and prospects. The Bruins fans more tha other Boston fans. But maybe that’s just my baseball bias.

Montreal 2, Boston nil. Whoops!


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