Mind Lint

I can’t but think about the parallels between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics. The Heat were the Next Big Thing before the season, the greatest team ever assembled. Then they came crashing down to earth real fast, getting off to a horrible start. Yet as the season closes out tonight, they have the 2d best record in their division. The parallel I’m  (hopefully) looking for is the Boston Red Sox. Anointed before a game was played, picked by SI, their start was even worse than the Heat. Can they turn it around as the Heat did?

Speaking of basketball, Kobe Bryant confirmed once again that he is just a despicable human being, yelling at “fucking faggot” referee Bennie Adams in a game Tuesday night. But he didn’t mean it “that way….”

I’m a follower of Nurse Jackie on Showtime. A great character driven series with the wonderful Edie Falco as the drug hooked ER nurse, Jackie Peyton. In fact, the four women in the series are the best thing about the show from Eve Best’s Dr. O’Hara, to the talented Anna Devaere Smith (Gloria). Then there’s  the kooky Merritt Wever who plays Zoey, fast becoming my favorite character. She’s really come into her own last and this season. The mannerisms that Wever brings to her portrayal of Zoey such that you can’t take your eyes off her. The male players are all a step down form them all. But I have to say I do have a problem with Nurse Jackie’s two-timing. Think about it. She’s not only betraying her husband who seems like a salt of the earth guy, but adds insult to injury in her collusion with drug dealer/pharmacist Eddie. It leaves a bit of a distasteful memory, more and more with each episode. Not that it takes away from my enjoyment of the series.

Ok, I got all that off my chest (or out of my mind)…


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  1. The Sox will turn it around!

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