Mildred Pierce ~ HBO Miniseries

This Todd Haynes directed mini-series has the look and production values (and presumably the budget), but not the soul. I wanted to view the original, since I have not seen it in ages. But it was nowhere to be had. It’s said that this is a very faithful adaptation of James M. Cain’s novel. If so, what a meller!

The acting has gotten great praise. I beg to differ, in that both Kate Winslet and Evan Rachel Wood appear to be chewing up the scenery (with Wood spitting it out). Guy Pearce must have had a hell of a lot of fun  acting in this one, but it wasn’t particularly fun watching him having fun. Let’s see. Let’s see….Oh, I’d give Melissa Leo an A+, ok babe?

The bootstraps rise of Mildred Pierce post-depression is a revealing portrait, but the adjunct story of the daughter is just over the top for me. It’s just never clear how they could have raised such a  monster. Or why she was that way. I guess this is a criticism of the novel, not of the mini-series. And monster she is. Though Mildred never seems to grasp that fact. Mothers love, I guess.

Sorely disappointed in this one, though it was a treat to look at.



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  1. Don

    As long as you give my heroine Melissa Leo an A+, your review will be fine with me! Seriously, though, you are right in other respets as well. It is never quite clear exactly what Mildred did to deserve the treatment she received from her daughter. If Evan Rachel Wood really behaved that way, I would volunteer my services for the purpose of taking her over my knee and giving her a good spanking.

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