SXSW Playlist

I got my hands on a 60-song playlist from SXSW 2011, and there are some very good catchy songs on it. Among my faves…

  • This is by far my favorite, just because it’s so funny, and true, baby. True. “Post Break-up Sex” by The Vaccines.
    “Post break up sex that helps you forget your ex.”
  • “Nothing But Our Love” by Dale Earnhart Jr. Jr. How’s that for a name, huh?
  • Neon Trees “Animal”. A real head poppin’ number.
  • And here’s one that’s been on my player for awhile, so it was a surprise to see this included: “When We Swam” by Thao with the Get Down Stay Down. A terrific song. “Bring your hips to me…”
  • Love the break on “Radar Detector” (Darwin Deez)
  • I’m still trying to figure out if I like “Tear You Apart” (She Wants Revenge). It’s one of those talking songs with a jangling beat. “I wanna fucking tear you apart”. Not nice.
  • John Grant’s “Silver Platter Club” has a definite Beatles Sgt. Pepper feel. I find myself humming this song on my way home after work: “I wish I had the brain of a tyrannosaurus rex, So that I wouldn’t have to deal with all this crap”
  • “The Girl” (City and Colour) is a 6-minute love song. Sweet. Actually it’s a 3 minute love song sung once and then again in double time. Strummed forcefully on an acoustic. Make that a 3 minute love song, followed by a 2-minute double time, then an incomprehensible..I’m not sure what.

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