This Day ‘n Age We’re Livin’ In

Too many passwords to remember, phone #’s to not forget, licenses to expire, inspections to not miss. And they’re forever changing – for enhanced security of course. But why would I get a credit card expiration date mixed up with my passport expiration date. Who needs to know the credit card expiration date anyhow? After all, when it’s going to expire, they just send a new one without me having to remember to “do” something.

When I went to the airport last Friday and was checking in, I suddenly realized my passport had expired – last month. Foolish me. I was sure it was September (that’s when my Visa Card expires). After at least three people told me I was just out of luck, I finally got to someone who knew what needed to be done. I had already parked my car, and the agent had moved my flight to one in the early evening, rather than the early morning. I had to grab a cab to the Federal building, go through security, fill out a form, go across the street for Passport photos, come back to the federal building, pass through security again, go upstairs, stand in line for an hour, pay my money, hang in the lobby for three hours (no more security for me), get new passport, grab a cab back to the airport and board my later flight.

Phew! I needed a vacation.


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