Melinda and Melinda ~ (USA, 2004) ~ DVD

Woody Allen’s 2004 cotton candy of a film is a modestly enjoyable little fluff piece that when the lights are snapped  out (and they are) you’re left with a feeling that Woody, here at least, has gotten too glib for his own good. This is a throwaway.  The hook is a My Dinner With Andre (complete with Wallace Shawn) like set piece that explores the question: Life. What is it? Tragic or Comic? The joke (or lack of it) is in the eye of the beholder.

Two intertwining stories tell the tale of the romantic comedic Melinda and the tragic Melinda. The bright spot is Radha Mitchell who chews up the scenery as the tragic M and shines like a toothpaste commercial as the romantic comedy Melinda heroine. As soon as this one is over, you’re likely never to think of it again.


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