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Taken at the Riverwalk Blues Festival in Fort ...

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Pinetop Perkins. Put that on his tombstone. Could do worse. The 97-year old Pinetop passed away yesterday. He was one of a truly dying breed – the original, the real Mississippi Delta Blues singer/musicians. When they’re all gone what will be left? Some white rock ‘n rollers who stole all their riffs in a distant memory. Pinetop had a boogie-woogie piano playing blues style that is unmistakably real.

The pinnacle of Perkins’ career was in the 70’s after he replaced Otis Spann as Muddy Waters’ piano man. There’s some three names, huh?

This was about the time when I really got into the blues, after my heavy jazz listening days, all of which led me back to rock when it got real again. But the blues was and always has been the cradle of it all. Sitting here listening to Pinetop and his various piano styles is a real nostalgic look back. But it’s a look back that never gets stale.


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