Baby it’s cold outside

Today it very nearly reached 70 degrees. It’s going down to the low 40’s now.  But that’s  nothing compared to the extremes on Mercury. Step into some craters on the planet. and it’s 300 degrees below freezing. That’s without the windchill. Layers. But step outside in the sun (very near) and you’ll be sweating buckets. It can get as hot as 800 degrees above. I know this because of news reports that a space vehicle that left 6 1/2 years ago has finally reached it destination. That’s a long fucking time, no?

The spacecraft itself cost $446 million dollars. Who knows what the trip itself cost, what with tolls and fuel cost and all. But look at it this way. It only cost a little over 9-cents a mile. A bargain in this day and age. It’s up there to take pictures, like any tourist. Save one for me.


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