The Root of all Evil

Where I work, there’s a guy that, on a daily basis, refers to Al Gore, and his real (or imagined) evil nature. All roads of woe seem to lead to Al Gore in this guys mind. Global warming? Just another Al Gore conspiracy. The price of oil? Somehow Al Gore is involved. How Al Gore got into this position of being the man for all evils, I don’t quite know.

Where a boogeyman is required, Al Gore is available  Now no man has the leisure time to perpetrate  all these evils on the world. Somehow Al Gore sneezed in his sleep and caused the Tsunami. Taxes too high, income too low? Al Gore. The nightmare which is the Prius? Al Gore.

I suppose this way of thinking in absolutes is at some level comforting. After all, we need answers, don’t we?

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