Barrels of Oil

I have a job that involves moving stuff around. The company makes products and has to get them to the marketplace. This involves transportation: no planes, but trains and trucks. These all require diesel fuel. Diesel fuel requires barrels of crude oil to be refined so that the trains and trucks can run on down the road. As oil prices climb, the cost of making and delivering the product becomes ever more expensive. The cost of diesel fuel is of great concern to businesses. All businesses.

So it was today that through thin walls I hear the predictions and scenarios of doom. Historic highs. For every oil-producing country that falls, there are oil price connotations. Quantified “expertly”. Some of the scenarios are dire. Some of the “theoretical” ways of dealing with the dire scenarios are truly hideous.

We’re sitting in the middle of a long stream of dominoes that someone has pushed over, and the toppling cannot be stopped, except by extreme intervention. One gets the sense that extreme intervention is not a remote possibility, but very real. The woman talking, an oil “expert” is supposedly ex-CIA. Ex she said, but who knows.

The end game in the world economic crisis this time may be something you may not have expected. Events are happening that will take on a fatalistic bent. When that happens, the world will not be a pretty place.


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