The Man Most Likely

Turmoil in the Middle East. People fighting for a decent living and respect. The freedom to choose and determine you own path. Things we all take for granted. There are some real thugs out there, and thugs often meet a bad end, whether they hurtle headlong toward that end or whether they consciously choose it and embrace it – it all ends up in the same place.

The man most likely to be Mussolinied? There are several candidates to be sure. But the most likely one is “The Colonel”. No, not the KFC Colonel, silly. The braided, ranting fool from Libya. There may be some others not far behind, although most of them may well flee their respective countries and land asylum where their stowed away millions can be comfortably spent. But there are always those who just can’t take a hint, or are just to whacked to get it. Qua qua Quadaffi! Your time is up. Say goodnight.


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